First impression – Black Cat.

So, I cracked down first 5 episodes of the anime series Black Cat. In total there are 24 episodes, and here’s my first impression of it.

Instant like for the badass main character. Train Heartnet. He is the one that’s called Black Cat. And his personality really reflects that from the very beginning. Always alone, independent and keeping his cool. He tends not to show his emotions so openly, at least so far. We get to see his great fighting skills, and DAMN! that gun he owns! It seems that there’s a lot going on his mind. He’s considering his every choice and whether it is the right thing to do or not.

Also quite mysterious. Cold-blooded assassin.

The plot itself has action in it. In every episode there are fighting scenes involved. The pace of the episodes is usually like this: you get introduced with the problem in the beginning, then the tension is growing, at the second half there’s a fight which solves the problem. And as episodes go, we find out personal stories and details about the characters.

The story line so far… is intriguing. I like the pace of it so far. We’ve already familiar with the main characters after 5 episodes, have created our own opinion about each of them and decide whether like them or not. But yet there’s still enough mystery and questions left. I feel like 12-13 episodes would be not enough and everything would be bunched up in one place, so it makes me happy that there are 2 seasons.

I was postponing for a very long time to watch this anime, probably like 5 years, and now I don’t get why. I was hoping for some unoriginal anime where the main character is like a hero, who shows up and saves the day. But now I have an impression that show focusses on each individual story and it looks like there’s an interesting relationship between some characters (not necessarily romantic, we’ll see ;D ).

Other characters:

There is some sort of a “Chronos organization”. The main character Train is number 13 on this group. The organization states that they’re using their power to achieve freedom to this world, but because of the power they possess they cannot be free. It looks like its members are aware of it and very obedient. Every member has different type of weapons it fight with, which I believe will make every character more unique.

The music…. Uhmm… I liked it. I’ve got nothing against it, though I don’t play it on repeat, but this anime is from year 2005. For that time the music has quite good quality. It matches the anime’s atmosphere quite well. The opening video as well. It introduces you to what it is about and what to expect. So give that opening a go, and you’ll see 😉

Rankings. On Imdb the show is ranked 7,3/10. My anime list rates it 7.55/10.

Anime is originated from manga with the same title, written by Yabuki Kentarou (other work: To Love Ru).
Studio – Gonzo (Trinity Blood, Special A, Hellsing, Rosario Vampire, Full Metal Panic) – that’s where this kind of drawing comes from.

Myself I would give it a strong 8 for now, as it is not boring I would love to continue watching it, but exams…… Yup… Say no more…




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