One Punch Man – A Hero just for Fun.

What’s up guys!

It is time for a 2nd anime review. And yes, it is One Punch Man.


I know that it’s everywhere now, just how SAO was in 2012 or Tokyo Ghoul in 2014, but there must be a reason. I’m a bit late, but now I am done with the first season of One Punch Man, so here’s my opinion.

1.The story.
A story is surrounded around Saitama. The main character decided to become a hero for fun. He trained hard every day, at least that’s what he claims *inserts a picture below*, but you decide for yourself. After training every day for 3 years and going completely bald, Saitama became so strong that One Punch is all it takes to defeat gigantic monsters.


Yes, the story takes in earth, but it is full of monsters, hiding in various places. Hero’s association was created to battle those monsters. As episodes run, we are introduced with more new heroes, each having different super powers, one ranked higher than other. And pride is very important for a hero. Characters keep aiming for a higher position in the system. That’s when our Protagonist Saitama and his apprentice Genos appears and shows their incredible skills.

2. Characters.
Apart from the main character, we get to see a lot of Genos, a cyborg who seeks to become Saitama’s student after seeing him fighting. Facing challenges together, they become friends quickly. Other characters are introduced through comical situations, which gives the show more of the comedy vibe.

3. The opening soundtrack.
Let’s get real. It’s loud, powerful and catchy. It is exactly what you expect from an action/adventure anime. The song is called “THE HERO!!” (I wonder why :D), and performed by JAM Project. Full of punches, fire and heroes! Basically shows what this anime is all about.

4. Creators and ranking.
Anime created by the studio “MADHOUSE” (other animes: Death Note, Black Lagoon, No Game no Life, Parasite, Trigun, etc.). Released in Fall, 2015 and it is an adaptation of the manga (creator Murata Yusuke), which started in 2012 and is still being aired. And apparently manga is a remake of the original web comic, created by ONE. Anime is ranked as #11 and scored 9,02 on MyAnimeList, 9,4 on IMDb. So far there is only one season, but second is already confirmed and will be coming out at the end of 2016.


So what is your Hero name? What special abilities would you have? Draw your own character if you want to, and please, let me know in the comments ^^!!!

-Taiga AKA Fantastic Bob.


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